August 31, 2011

Hot Deal: Wahl Beard and Moustache Trimmer

Here's your chance to pick up a battery operated trimmer for that facial hair, on the cheap - the Wahl Mustache & Beard (and nose hair) Trimmer is on sale for just $9.54, a savings of 52% off the regular price of $19.99.

"The Wahl mustache and beard w/ bonus trimmer includes: 5 position guide, 3 standard trimmer guides, beard/mustache comb, storage base, cleaning brush, oil, blade guard, and instructions. The perfect solution to keep your facial hair neatly trimmed."

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August 29, 2011

King of Shaves for Sale

KOSLogo.jpgKing of Shaves began as a small venture, reportedly started for less than £15,000 ($25,000) in the 1990's, and has now grown up into a potential £45 million ($74 million) sale for its founder, Will King.

At least two potential bidders, including Remington and Japanese razor blade supplier Kai Industries, have been interested in purchasing the company.

Read more: King of Shaves smoothes out £45m deal

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August 25, 2011

Cultivating a Moustache is even Pricklier than a Beard


"Once the brand of outliers, beards have become so mainstream that two out of two male J.Crew execs were sporting them on their travels this summer. Beards abound everywhere, from rock festivals to ho-hum cubicles. They've crossed just about every post-pubescent generational and cultural divide.

So what facial hair remains for mavericks to assert that identity instantly? A unibrow looks like neglect. Sideburns can be overlooked. By contrast, you can't miss a mustache. When unaccompanied by a beard, it doesn't grow by mistake.

Cultivating one, however, is even pricklier than a beard."

Read the full article: Mustache grows into own, sheds hipster irony

Image: Ⅿeagan at Flickr

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August 24, 2011

Three Beautiful Straight Razors from Art of Shaving

You probably know about the great grooming supplies available at Art of Shaving, but did you know they have some beautiful straight razors as well? Check out these three sweet straight razors:


These Bocote wood straight razors are handcrafted by Thiers-Issard, a prestigious French razor maker since 1884. The carbon steel blade is hollow ground to deliver a more comfortable shave and the sharpest edge.


Handcrafted by DOVO, a prestigious German razor maker since 1906, the polished carbon steel 5/8" blade on these Cocobolo razors is full hollow ground with a 14 karat gold-plated laser etching on the blade and spine.


This straight razor is also made by Thiers-Issard, with a hollow ground blade and beautiful horn handle.

All of these straight razors (and more!) are available at the Art of Shaving.

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August 23, 2011

No Mo'? Get a Fingerstache

fingerstachetattoos.jpgMaybe you aren't convinced that you should grow a moustache, but there are times when you wish you could flash one. And while a tattooed fingerstache might seem appropriate for that, it is quite a commitment.

The good news is that you don't have to get a permanent fingerstache in order to take advantage of all that a moustache has to offer. For just $8, you can pick up a pack of 19 different fingerstache temporary tattoos:

"Take on a new identity w/ these hilarious mustache temporary tattoos! The set has 19 different styles to choose from so you can switch from a "dandy" to a "villain" in no time. Easy to use, & easy to remove!"

Grab some temporary fingerstache tattoos at

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August 22, 2011

Great Facial Hair: A Guide to the Second Bearded Age



"Fact: There's a period of American history known as the Bearded Age. It started when Abraham Lincoln, having been elected, said to his barber: "Billy, let's give them a chance to grow." The trend stuck. Over the next 50 years, every man (but one) in the Oval Office had some form of facial hair. Public officials aside, we now acknowledge a second Bearded Age. Here's a tip sheet for getting it right."

Read the full article: A Guide to Great Facial Hair

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August 17, 2011

The Expert Weighs in on How to Choose an App

From The Expert.

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Save 20% on Queen Charlotte Shaving Soaps

qcesquire.jpgCalling all wetshavers: Queen Charlotte Soaps is celebrating their one year anniversary, and if you order before August 23rd, you can get 20% off of any of their shaving soaps:

"We make our shaving soap in small batches using tried and true methods that have been used by soap makers for centuries. Our shaving soap is not made from a melt-and-pour base, but rather entirely from scratch and by hand. Each puck of shaving soap weighs 3.5 ounces and is wrapped in food-grade perforated polyolefin film to protect the soap.

Our shaving soap contains tallow and palm oil for a creamy lather, avocado, castor, and olive oil for skin conditioning, cocoa and shea butter for their moisturizing properties, and coconut oil for a rich lather. We add natural glycerin and aloe vera extract for their moisturizing properties, kaolin clay for a slick, comfortable shave, and natural vitamin E for its nourishing antioxidant properties."

To take advantage of the sale, use the discount code "anniversary1".

Check out their selection of shaving soaps here: Queen Charlotte Shaving Soaps

[via reddit via Mantic59's Shaving Journal]

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August 16, 2011

Shaving Tips for Men Video

From Esquire, we have "Possibly the most entertaining guide about standing in front of a mirror known to man":

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August 15, 2011

Beards and Credibility

beardandparrot.jpgHow do you build trust? Maybe with some fashionable facial hair:

"The way you gain people's trust is to earn it over time by repeatedly proving that you deserve it. That, or grow a beard.

A recent study in the Journal of Marketing Communications found that men with beards were deemed more credible than those who were clean-shaven."

Read the article: The Trustworthiness of Beards
Image: kevindooley at Flickr

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